Over the summer break of 2016, end of Sophomore year, I interned for Nicosia Creative Expresso Ltd., and worked for clients such as SK-II, Hugo Boss, Head & Shoulders, Ikewenna, Pantene, and Rejoice, with a large focus on the package design, printing materials, and graphics of luxury goods. I was also a part of projects involving rebranding, consumer research, and research on brand identities. Below are some of the projects I was a part of, with more to be published as products are released!
There were several projects I worked on for SK-II. One was on the packaging graphic vectors for the new limited edition bottle (for the Festive 2016 Season). The graphics were inspired by the art of Suminagashi (Japanese technique of marbling plain paper with water and ink to create patterns). I took patterns that our team developed, and drew them as vectors for scalable graphic resources to be used in large boxes, posters, displays, etc. Shown below are the package designs for the bottle and box (red version) that our team created, which are now released in several Asian markets:
Finalized Vector Graphic applied to packaging/advertising/display:
More projects to be posted as they are released into their respective markets! Please check back soon!
Big thanks to NiCE Ltd. for providing me with this wonderful learning opportunity.
© NiCE Ltd., SK-II, Hugo Boss, Head & Shoulders, Ikewenna, Pantene, and Rejoice, 2016. All rights reserved.
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